These products embody the harmonious balance between form and function, thanks to their light and essential design. Their remarkable versatility is manifested through three different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for every environment, from the living room to the bedroom area.

The “Carrara” white marble is one of the most famous italian marble in the world. It’s a kind of marble composed by a white ground and grey veins with a fine-grained and a presence of crystals of pyrite. The quality is due to its white ground and grain.

The “Volakas” white marble, also know by the name of “Bianco Floe”, it’s a prestigious marble of Greek origin. It’s extracted from the North Greece mountains. The “Volakas” white marble is characterised by a white ground with creamy, beige and light grey veins.

The “Marquiña” black marble it’s a material extracted from black spanish quarries with an high solid ground. This type of natural stone has irregular white and light gray veins with diagonal line.

The “Emperador” spanish marble has a dark shade and an high brown tone, sometimes black with warm beige and creamy veins.

The “Arabescato Orobico” it’s a wonderful italian marble extract from a quarry in Brembana valley (Italy). The grey color with gold veins gives it a particular chromatic features giving a position on the italian ornamental market.

The “Calacatta Oro” it’s a precious italian marble that comes from Tuscany quarry, in the Apuane Alps. It has a crystalline white ground with golden yellow veins; It’s an elegant material adaptable to any type of setting and context, from the classic to modern.
Supporting Albani designed metal structure.
Standard “Premium” painting: polished / matt iron, champagne, sandy beige.