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Contemporaneo 20
"piede sbalzo"

The sofa, thanks to its special mechanism, offers flexible movement for armrests and backrests, ensuring personalized comfort. Harmonious lines provide an imposing presence in the living space, combining functionality and style impeccably. Its variant with a cantilever foot enhances its captivating design, adding a touch of modernity.

Seat: seasoned beech and poplar solid wood with metal anti bending support.
Backrest: metal round bar with flexible system.
Springing: non-deformable elastic belts.
Padding: different density foam polyurethane and pressed padding.
Padding: different density foam polyurethane upholstered in high weight dacron.
Seat: sterilezed natural goose down with stabilizing insert of foam polyurethane.
Upholstery with polyester resin and cotton canvas
Polished aluminum
Optional satin aluminium.
Optional “Elite” painting : polished / matt gun metal, bronze, gold rose, “lingotto”.
Optional “Retrò” painting: oxidised steel, satin gold, brushed brass.
Optional “Premium” painting: polished / matt iron, champagne, sandy beige.
Top grain leather, first choice
Full grain genuine leather
Aniline leather
Nabuk leather