Contemporaneo 20 “piede sbalzo”
12 September 2020
10 September 2020

Contemporaneo 20
"piede lama"

Major comfort supporting a particularly harmonious aesthetic quality.


Seat: seasoned beech and poplar solid wood with metal anti bending support.
Backrest: metal round bar with flexible system.
Springing: non-deformable elastic belts.
Padding: different density foam polyurethane and pressed padding.
Padding: different density foam polyurethane upholstered in high weight dacron.
Seat: sterilezed natural goose down with stabilizing insert of foam polyurethane.
Upholstery with polyester resin and cotton canvas
Metal painted blade.
Standard “Retrò” paiting: oxidised steel, satin gold, brushed brass
Standard “Premium” painting: polished / matt iron, champagne, sandy beige.
Top grain leather, first choice
Full grain genuine leather
Aniline leather
Nabuk leather
Sheepskin leather
Fabric (removable seat cushions)
Velvet (removable seat cushions)